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What We Do

testimageAvon's Drug Free Communities Coalition (through a collaborative effort of community-spirited individuals, agencies,businesses and organizations), seeks partnerships to foster efforts to reduce youth substance abuse and promote positive, healthy decisions by young people who live and/or go to school in Avon. 

Our goal is to reduce youth substance abuse over the next 5-10 years by ensuring (at a young age) youth never start to use drugs or alcohol.

Are you aware that as a host in your home you can be criminally charged for serving or allowing underage drinking?

Do you know how to identify if your child is high?

Did you know a teen’s brain is still developing and alcohol and other drug use damages the structure and wiring of the brain?


Here’s how ACES works to reduce and prevent youth substance use in Avon:

  • Provide information to strengthen and support parents in raising healthy, substance-free children
  • Engage the community in prevention work
  • Promote factors such as strong parental guidelines and supervision,enforceable policies, and positive role models that support youth in being substance-free
  • Reduce risk factors such as misperceptions about peer usage, and community beliefs that support or encourage youth substance use
  • Develop peer support, youth leadership and other skills to promote substance-free living
  • Promote strategies that reduce access to illegal substances