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ACES Membership

ACES needs your help to continue with the work in your community!
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Members include:
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Local business owners
  • School administrators
  • Community organizations
  • Town officials
  • Any other community member that cares about the health and well-being of youth in this community
Ways You Can Participate:
  • Attend meetings and provide guidance and direction to support ACES
  • Provide contributions such as food/drinks, in-kind space or services
  • Chaperone a youth event
  • Collect local newsworthy items
  • Host a Parent Chat
  • Organize or plan an event
  • Distribute materials and information to help spread the word
  • Provide knowledge about substance abuse or prevention issues
  • Offer administrative services such as IT, computer, social networking, grant writing, video production skills or any other area of interest
  • Work within the community to encourage participation in ACES' work

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