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Youth & Alcohol

“Research shows that when parents talk openly about drugs and drinking, children have better self-control and develop more negative perceptions of these risky behaviors”

“Research shows kids who begin drinking before age 15 have a 40 percent chance of becoming alcohol dependent. In contrast, a person who waits until the legal age of 21 to start drinking has only a 7 percent chance of becoming an alcoholic.”


One of the top reasons youth choose not to use alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs is because they either don't want to disappoint their parent(s) or don't want to risk parental consequences. Bonding, boundaries, and monitoring are great ways to help your child know that underage drinking is harmful to their health and potentially their future. Despite busy schedules these days, try to spend time with your children, you make a difference in their lives. Set clear rules and expectations so your child, if you avoid the conversation they may think you are not averse to underage drinking or substance use. Know what your child is doing and who they’re doing it with, notice their emotional well-being and help them to stay involved in meaningful and fulfilling activities.

For more information on how to talk openly, visithere.

Starting the conversations is sometimes difficult, but there are many everyday opportunities that lend themselves to great discussion. What parents say matters! Check out these parent resources:


"Conversation Jar"

Important information for parents on teen drinking: