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ACES Safe Home Pledge

Dear Parents and Guardians,

You are invited to join the A.C.E.S. Safe Home Program, sponsored by Avon Coalition for Every Student, and its members  the Avon Public Schools, and Avon Police Department.  Children need your support in order to resist the use of alcohol and other drugs.  By setting clear rules and standards about underage alcohol and other drug use in your home, you can help your child remain substance-free.    

We are asking parents and guardians to sign the A.C.E.S. Safe Home Pledge.  By signing this pledge, you will join other parents, guardians, and coalition members in Avon who are actively trying to help prevent underage drinking and other drug use.  You will also send a message to your children that underage drinking and other drug use is against your family's values and beliefs.

Please help out with our effort to collect A.C.E.S. Safe Home Pledges by the end of June!   If you wish your name to be listed with other Safe Home Pledge families, please check the appropriate boxes on the pledge form; otherwise, the personal information you provide will be used for statistical purposes only.  A.C.E.S. will use its website and Facebook pages to create a social network of parents who are committed to this initiative.  It is our intention that parents who access these resources will lessen the likelihood that their children will attend unsupervised underage parties.  Please visit our website Acesavon.com for more information.

We understand that some parents or guardians may not know that it is against the law to serve alcohol, or allow underage guests to consume alcohol in their home. Therefore, we ask that you share this pledge with other parents and guardians in your community. If you have questions, or would like additional copies of the A.C.E.S. Safe Home Pledge, contact Amanda Decker, A.C.E.S. Coalition Coordinator at 508-583-4822 x 1106 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  PLEASE MAIL OR SEND IN THE SIGNED PLEDGE FORM TO THE ADDRESS BELOW.  Thank you for supporting this effort!


Amanda Decker A.C.E.S. Coordinator
Karen Johnson,  A.C.E.S. Chairperson
Charles J Blakeman, Jr,  A.C.E.S. Vice Chairperson
Amanda Decker A.C.E.S. Coordinator
c/o Avon Middle-High
285 West Main St
Avon, MA 02322

Please keep this letter and the certificate for your records, and mail the signed pledge to the above address.  THANK YOU!!!

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