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Safe Home Pledge Families

Join the many families who have signed a Safe Home Pledge to keep our youth safe and substance free.  The families listed below have signed A.C.E.S Safe Home Pledge  and have agreed to have their names listed on our website, but there are many more families who have signed the Safe Home Pledge.  Our community needs you to join...it is a network of families committed to keeping our youth safe! If you wish to sign a safe home pledge click the ACES Safe Home Pledge link to the left or contact A.C.E.S. Coordinator Amanda Decker by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by phone 508-583-4822 ext. 1106.

Kristen Allen
Paul Austin
Mack Barrero
Kristine Barry
Heather Bastis
Mary Blackburn
Charlie & Lynne Blakeman
Cheryl Berry
Meg Brock
Julie Burns
Jane Chege
Tracy Clark
Lisa Connelly
James Cooper
Kevin Curran
Keyne Cahoon
Sherry Curley
Angela DePina
Lisa Durran
Laurie-Lee Eaton
Koleen Emerson
Jackson Etienne
Jennifer Goode
Charlene Hall
Maureen Hansen
Mavis Hawkins
Sarah Herrera
Scott Hulien
Laura Isaksen
Tomorrow James
Melissa Jank
Astrid & Yvel Joseph
Kathy Joyce
Sandra Lynch
Reema Lynas
Sherry Madore
Donna Mann
Cheryl Manning
Carol Marinelli
Roseanne McCarthy
Nikki McCray
Michelle Mills
Debbie & Chris Mitchell
Odalisa Fox-Mohammed
Judy Moore
Andra Morton
Glenn & Darlene Nordstrom
Shannon Oteri
Maria Panagopoulos
Barbara Pereira
Robin Perry
Patricia Pepe
James & Diane Potemri
Mike Prisco
Steven Rand
Josie Saint-Vil
Joseph Seaver
Cynthia Seeley
Erin Seeley
Paula Sinclair
William Smith
Vaughnlie Stephens
Patricia Sullivan
Brenda Torres
Debbie Twidwell
Annette Vines
Donna Uranski
Kethlyn Vilbrun
Emily Wauhob
Jaymie White
Daniel Yvon