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History and Goals

As a commitment to our youth, ACES has encouraged students to become leaders and advocates in our efforts to eliminate underage drinking and substance use. ACES offers a number of ways for to kids to participate, from joining one of various youth groups, to becoming involved in community activities and helping to spread the word about healthy living.

The following lists groups ACES currently offers:

ACES Middle School Group

The ACES Middle School group is part of the youth portion of Avon Coalition for Every Student. They meet every Monday immediately after school and discuss prevention topics and work on leadership skills. They participate in such activities as Alcohol Awareness Month, Red Ribbon Week and Drug Facts Week. They go on community scans where they walk around the town and take pictures of the positive and negative aspects of it. They also take part in Sticker Shock campaigns. This group prepares them to become part of the High School ACES group when they reach the 9th grade.

ACES High School Group

The ACES High School Group is part of the youth portion of Avon Coalition for Every Student. They meet every Wednesday immediately after school to broaden their leadership and prevention skills. These students have an opportunity to attend national leadership conferences and trainings throughout the year. They also participate in activities such as Sticker Shock in which they educate the community about the buying of alcohol for minors by putting stickers on alcohol in liquor stores as a reminder. Many of these students even choose to join SALSA to become more of a leader and role model in the community.

SALSA (Students Advocating Life without Substance Abuse)

SALSA is group that is part of ACES that was started in 2010 at Avon Middle High School. The group provides an opportunity for high school students to have an influence on younger students and be role models. The group is made up of high school student leaders who have pledged to live a drug and alcohol-free life and try to help others do the same.

SALSA youth leaders have made the personal choice to live without tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. SALSA students' goals are to work in their school and community to demonstrate positive lifestyle choices and a commitment to health promotion.

The SALSA group goes to the Butler Elementary School once a year to present to the 5th and 6th graders at the school. They run a presentation that consists of an introduction of each SALSA member, a “party” skit that teaches refusal skills and allows younger students to practice these skills, aimed at helping them get out of difficult situations. At the end they also go into the audience and introduce themselves and talk to the kids. This group helps the high school students develop communication and presentation skills as well as being part of a high school group that supports their decision to be substance-free.

SALSA Members

SALSA 2015 Crew

ACES High School students who are members of SALSA have presented their positive substance-free living message to Avon 5th, 6th, and 7th graders and are strong role models for younger students.


Quizzes and FAQ

Check out these sites to test your knowledge about drug and alcohol use:


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For more information please contact Youth and Activities Coordinator, Krista Post at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • My parents shared with me a survey from ACES regarding actual drug and alcohol use of my peers at high school. …My perception was that everyone was doing it. In reality, the survey confirmed that most kids weren’t doing drugs or alcohol. These results shattered my perception of reality. That’s when I decided it was time to get off the sidelines and lead.

    ~ Student, Avon Middle High School
  • Q: What takes very little time, requires no money and can make a major impact on our youth?

    A: Membership with ACES!
  • Leaders help to identify alternatives to negative and destructive behaviors. I know through discussions with my friends that my choices have enabled them to say no to drugs and alcohol. I feel that I have helped to make a difference at Avon Middle High School.

    ~ SALSA member, student arm of ACES


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