ACES Brings Ed Gerety to Avon Middle High School

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    (Pictured L to R: ACES Chair, Tara Tradd; AMHS Principal, Elizabeth York; ACES Coordinator, Amanda Decker; ACES Community Liaison, Mark Talbot; ACES Youth Coordinator, Merancia Fils; Ed Gerety)


    On January 17th, a 7-12 grade, school assembly was held with motivational speaker, Ed Gerety. Mr. Gerety spoke to the youth about the importance of having grattitude and how we should value others. He also spoke about standing up for yourself by making good choices such as staying alcohol and drug free, and how we should "dream big" with our lives. One of the ways to help dream big is to make a visual representation of your dreams also known as a "dream board".

    (On January 22 & 27th, youth in grades 7-12 will have the chance to make a dream board.)  

  • testimageAvon's Drug Free Communities Coalition (through a collaborative effort of community-spirited individuals, agencies,businesses and organizations), seeks partnerships to foster efforts to reduce youth substance abuse and promote positive, healthy decisions by young people who live and/or go to school in Avon. 

    Our goal is to reduce youth substance abuse over the next 5-10 years by ensuring (at a young age) youth never start to use drugs or alcohol.

  • SALSA Youth Present at the Butler Elementary School

    L-R: Kaylyn Wauhob, Lylianna Barnette, Jessica Blakeman, Danielle Donawa, Farah Louis, Nikita Doughlin, Gregory Jean-Baptiste, and Vashti Etienne

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  • Leaders help to identify alternatives to negative and destructive behaviors. I know through discussions with my friends that my choices have enabled them to say no to drugs and alcohol. I feel that I have helped to make a difference at Avon Middle High School.

    ~ SALSA member, student arm of ACES
  • My parents shared with me a survey from ACES regarding actual drug and alcohol use of my peers at high school. …My perception was that everyone was doing it. In reality, the survey confirmed that most kids weren’t doing drugs or alcohol. These results shattered my perception of reality. That’s when I decided it was time to get off the sidelines and lead.

    ~ Student, Avon Middle High School
  • Q: What takes very little time, requires no money and can make a major impact on our youth?

    A: Membership with ACES!

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